Dallas tornado damage

For those concerned about the effects of yesterday’s tornados in the Dallas area on Schneider National, Inc.’s Operating Center, Walt Fountain, Director, Loss Prevention and Enterprise Security for Schneider National, Inc. issued this statement:

From: Schneider Corporate Communication
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2012 3:27 PM
Subject: Initial assessment of Dallas tornado impact

This afternoon, a tornado struck the Dallas area, impacting our Dallas Operating Center. Based on our initial check, all driver, office, maintenance and offsite associates in the area are safe and accounted for.  At this time, Haslet and the other locations appear to be unaffected.

We continue to maintain our watch, since the weather continues to be threatening in and around Dallas/Fort Worth, including tornado warnings, hail and heavy rain. 

The Line of Business teams are assessing driver, load and customer impacts and will communicate to their respective areas and provide safe haven direction to drivers and other associates in the area.

There is no structural damage to the Dallas OC building, however, there has been massive damage to the yard. Damage to the yard has been shown on the news. The OC is operating on backup power and phones have been redirected according to the emergency plans. Systems have not been impacted. Operations will be restricted until we are fully assessed.

We will continue to provide these updates as needed and as available.



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