Operating ISO tanks

Today we welcome guest blogger Danny Greenwald of Matlackleasing.com who offers useful comments and information about operating ISO tanks:

Operating ISO Tanks: Who is Eligible, and What You Should Consider

A commercial drivers license is an extremely valuable tool.  However, it is a common misconception that only full time drivers are able to obtain one.  Another common misconception is that only full time drivers find commercial drivers licenses useful.  As a matter of fact, anybody can obtain one simply by enrolling in truck driver training courses and passing some exams upon completion.  Additionally, many people benefit from commercial drivers licenses regardless of whether or not it is their full time career.

There are certain requirements that come along with obtaining a commercial drivers license.  Firstly, you need to be 21 if you are planning on driving a truck on the interstate.  If you are only going to drive locally, you must be 18.  Secondly your health is taken into consideration.  The DOT health assessment needs to be passed, but barring any major complications, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Career Opportunities
ISO tanks have become an increasingly popular way of transporting many different types of products.  These include but are not limited to food related products and chemicals that are very difficult to transport any other way.  Obtaining a commercial drivers license allows you to take on driving jobs that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to take on, especially jobs that involve handling ISO tanks and various other related specialty equipment.  In order to support or cover your ISO tank, specific chassis must be used.  It is also nearly impossible to transport an ISO tank without one.

Warehouse workers, heavy equipment operators, and various other workers in automotive-based transportation and distribution industries should strongly consider obtaining a commercial drivers license.  Employers much prefer hiring employees who are able to operate such things as ISO trailers, ISO tanks, and various other related specialty equipment.

Various other truck related careers such as mechanics, truck part factory workers, and more should also consider applying for a commercial drivers license.  Even though it may seem as though it would not be used very often, it could come in handy just at the right time.  For example, if a truck needs to be test-driven or if a rented truck needs to be driven only for a day.

Obtaining a commercial drivers license enables you to gain the experience that employers are looking for.  Becoming exposed to common technology like ISO tanks, ISO trailers, and all of the components that come with them is completely necessary these days.  You have nothing to lose!

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2 Responses to Operating ISO tanks

  1. brenda (my friends call me Bren) says:

    I need to know when trasporting goods inside an ISO Tank, when is it necessary for special endorsements, I know about haz mat, but what about the weight of the cargo, or “size” of the Tank….does this play a factor in when you need more than just a Class “A” license?
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  2. Devorah says:

    It will depend on the contents of what is being transported. Identify the substance to see if it is regulated in the hazardous materials regulations (Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 Parts 100 to 185, espec. Part 172.101).

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