Hours of service exemptions

The Federal Motor Carrier has issued exemptions to the hours of service mandatory break requirements.

One exemption is a ”Limited 90-Day Waiver From the 30-Minute Rest Break Requirement for the Transportation of Livestock.” The exemption is for the summer months and expires on Oct. 9. It will help livestock operations that can’t stop for the mandated 30-minute rest break when loaded. Doing so would stop the airflow through the trailers which would result in temperatures too high for cargo comprised of live animals. The exemption applies to agricultural haulers of livestock as defined by the agency in the waiver with satisfactory rating or that are “unrated” by the agency because they have not been through a compliance review. Motor carriers operating under the exemption will be subject to additional accident reporting requirements. Refer to the Federal Register for details.

Earlier in the year, on May 31,  the FMCSA issued another exemption. That exemption relieves truckers hauling security-sensitive radioactive materials for the Department of Energy from complying with the upcoming 30-minute rest break provision. It’s for  hauling radioactive loads and it’s is in line with the exemption given to truckers who haul explosives. This exemption is valid from July 1 to June 30, 2015.


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