Good news for CMV drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been busy.

The agency has issued guidelines for the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs). Drivers may be able to use smartphones, tablets and computers to keep their hours of service records.

Regulations that require this particular type of record to be in the driver’s own handwriting would seem to prohibit keeping digital records. Guidance released today has clarification about records of duty status that are generated by logging software and that are signed digitally.

There are conditions to be aware of, for example the driver must:

  1. Be capable of printing the record of duty status for the current 24-hour period at the request of an enforcement officer.
  2. Print the record of duty status at the end of each 24-hour period, and sign it in his or her handwriting to certify that all entries required by this section are true and correct.
  3. Maintain a copy of printed and signed records of duty status for the previous 7 consecutive days and make it available for inspection atthe request of an enforcement officer.

Review the guidelines for all the details.

The agency has also extended the amount to time veterans have to take their commercial driver license test. Previously, veterans had only 90 days after leaving the service to take only the written portion of the CDL test and not have to take the skills portion. Now they have up to a year. Initially, this exemption was considered in response to a request from the Commonwealth of Viriginia, but it has been extended to all state driver  licensing agencies. Note that this is an exemption to a rule, not a permanent regulatory change. Follow the link to the notice for details.

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