Please help one of our own

We learned this sad news from our friends at United Truck Driving School. Please help if you can.

On Thursday, August 21st at 10 pm, United Truck Driving School lost a much loved member of this staff.  Ron Urieff, who had been an instructor with us for 6 years, was in a tragic accident while out running errands on his motorcycle after work on August 12th. While traveling just a few blocks from his home, Ron was hit by a driver making an illegal U-turn. 
The officer who was investigating the accident came to the hospital and said that although most accidents involving motorcycles show a skid pattern that results from the forward momentum of the bike after it is suddenly stopped, Ron was traveling at such a slow speed that those didn’t exist.  Ron was always concerned with safe driving whether on or off the job.   I’m not surprised at all that the report showed that he was a conscientious rider.
Ron was trapped under the car for at least 10 minutes.  He was without oxygen for much of that time because it took several first responders to lift the car and free him.  Although his heart was restarted in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, he never regained consciousness. 
For 9 days his family and friends kept vigil at his bedside and Ron’s family was with him at the end.  We are so sadden by the loss of this fine man.   Words simply cannot convey the depth of our sorrow.
Ron was able to connect with a great variety of students in his class.  He had the ability to reach each of his students regardless of their learning style and his ability seemed to come naturally.  Not only was he an excellent teacher, he also was always eager to lend a hand whenever he could at things outside his classroom.  He was just a great guy and I will miss him terribly.   The posts on Facebook and other social media make it obvious that he touched lives both in and out of the classroom.
Our hearts break for his family.  This is not just emotionally hard for them, it will also be financially hard and it is also for this reason that I’m reaching out to you. Medical bills alone will be overwhelming.  If you can help by donating to his fund please do so.  Regardless of your ability to donate financially please pray for his family. 
If you want to read more or donate to this family please visit .  Any donations go directly to his widow.  Thanks in advance for any help that you can give.
Sincerely and with thanks,
UNITED TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL San Diego & Riverside Counties 800-764-2020
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