Stocking stuffers

Right about now most people are getting out last minute Christmas cards and polishing off their gift giving lists.

But truckers keep on trucking and those of us in the transport industry know that we’ll be out there making deliveries right along with Santa. It comes as no surprise that even this close to the holidays there have been developments in the regulatory arena.

On Dec. 16, President Barack Obama did sign an appropriate bill that among other things halts enforcement of the restrictions on using the 34-hour restart. The requirement that a drivers’ 34-hour restart include two 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. periods and the once-per-week limit of the restart has been suspended. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will be studying the hours of service rules’ impact on drivers, carriers and safety. The FMCSA must present a report to Congress showing that the restriction increases safety before the restart provisions can go back into effect.

Published today in the Federal Register is final rule that FMCSA rescinds the requirement that commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers operating in interstate commerce, except drivers of passenger-carrying CMVs, submit, and motor carriers retain, DVIRs when the driver has neither found nor been made aware of any vehicle defects or deficiencies. For more information visit the FMCSA Web site.

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