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Prepping for your CDL tests? Don’t go it alone. Get expert guidance and materials and train on equipment representative of what you plan to drive at a truck driver training school. Click on the map to find a public or private program near you. Find the state that interests you, then ZOOM IN on the map to see all the schools located in the desired area.

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  1. Devorah says:

    Congratulations to Transportation Training Services and director John Rojas at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas. The program has been awarded a grant of $750,000 and will use that to acquire “one to two additional tractor-trailer truck and six driving simulators incorporated into three customized mobile classroom units with two simulators each.” According to John, “Simulator training provides increased hands-on instruction through multiple driving scenarios with assessment tools for each lesson. This progressive, learn-by-doing and performance/evidence-based training approach will provide more and better trained CDL drivers for local industry.”

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  3. Devorah says:

    Our friends at HDS in Arizona got a nice mention in connection with a story on the driver shortage:!prettyPhotogallery/0/

  4. J. Dough says:

    Don’t forget about Roadmaster Drivers School. They have 12 CDL Training locations from Florida to California.

  5. Devorah says:

    Check out this video about truck driver training and veterans, courtesy of our friends at HDS in Arizona:

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